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Meanwell Packaging


We are Meanwell Packaging



Spooky season is here but there won't be any tricks hiding in any of our deliveries to you!

Even though the evenings are getting darker, the future of Meanwell Packaging is looking even brighter.

Things are looking a bit different around the Meanwell Packaging offices, and we’ve been busy working behind the scenes to make it happen.

We wanted to lead into one of the busiest times of the year with a new focus - our planet!

We know most of you are very conscious of how your business - big or small - can impact the environment. But making eco-friendly choices isn’t always easy, especially from a supplier perspective.

So as the festive period rolls around, get to know us as a company and hear all about our rebrand, and what it means to us, and you!

The Rebrand

If you’ve been with us from the start, or if you’re brand new to us, let’s talk about the change from Bag ‘n’ Box Man to Meanwell Packaging.

After 40 years of supplying a variety of custom packaging options ‘The Bag N Box Man’ has always been there for small business owners.

Terry Andrews was always well-known in the industry, especially within the craft, design, art and other small types like this, he would exhibit at gift fairs in Harrogate and Aviemore as well as the Autumn / Spring Gift Fairs at the NEC and Excel in London. He’d always make friends.

Through that time, we’ve developed morals that all of us have worked alongside as a company ever since we sent out our first order.

We had a long conversation when rebranding, asking ourselves what matters the most to us.
So let us introduce you to Meanwell Packaging and our core values as a service for you and your business.

Our Values

Small businesses are at the heart of what we do as a company.

We are leading the charge on providing packaging for all types of businesses, big and small. But we know that SMBs and microbusinesses don’t always need huge orders to fulfill their needs.

That’s why your orders can be as big or as small as you want, even with our rebrand.

What you need is fundamental to how we work, so you can trust that what is important to you is key to our values.

Protecting our planet with clever and dedicated strategies.

You might be wondering how we came to decide on the name ‘Meanwell’.

We wanted everyone to be able to see that as a company, we’re one that genuinely cares for the environment and actively goes out of their way to stay away from ordering from the far east.

Keeping the interests of the planet at the core of what we do is how we make sure the value of our products goes beyond serving as a package.

Recyclable materials and small ordering options is just the first on what our packaging can do beyond its basic purpose.

And it’s nothing new either!

We’ve always recycled. Terry Andrews has always taught us all within the business to appreciate and love nature. We’re well aware of the impact of packaging and try to be sensible and steer our customers towards sensible choices and make realistic alternatives available to them.

Every item that goes out of our door is sent out in reused boxes that we’ve prevented from being wasted from our various contacts.

We hope you love our new look and can get behind our values of looking after small businesses and our planet.

We will miss the legacy of Bag ‘n’ Box Man, but we will be carrying on its values into Meanwell Packaging’s operations.

In the meantime, take a look at our shiny new website, and find all your old favourites and maybe some new options to try out!


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