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Meanwell Packaging

Our Eco Statement

Why is eco-friendly packaging important?

Sustainable packaging is important because it reduces the ecological footprint of every stage in the product’s life-cycle. It allows the producer and the consumer to reduce their environmental impact and footprint.



How does sustainability affect the packaging industry?

The packaging industry has been highlighted within the sustainability focus, not because it is the biggest source of environmental problems but from a consumer's perspective it is likely the most visible.



Why do Meanwell Packaging care?

As a packaging company we are quite aware that although we do not manufacture any products ourselves, we have the potential to contribute to a lot of environmental damage.

There are many things we have done and continue to do over the years to help minimise this;


“This is an incredible opportunity for us to talk more openly about all the great work we do as a business, how much we give back to the community, and how much we love helping our customers. We are very environmentally conscious, and mean well with everything that we do, which lends itself very neatly to our very own eco stance, affectionately dubbed our ‘Meanwell Mission’.” - Tjobbe Andrews, Company Director


What have Meanwell Packaging put in place?

In carefully selecting our suppliers and in turn our products we are growing our efforts for a sustainable future.
We are also phasing out all non-eco friendly product lines and aim to replace them with sustainable options to enable our customers to do the very same.

We have teamed up with More Trees, as part of our eco-mission to help offset CO2 emissions and reforest . We promise to help More Trees to reach their goal of 1 billion trees planted, together, and with the help of our environmentally conscious customers we can make a world of difference. When partnering with Meanwell you can also pledge to plant trees of your own at the checkout - what a fantastic thing to tell your clients.

We also promise to recycle packaging to our customers whenever possible. We collect and recover packaging from local companies that were otherwise destined for landfill. We use this to ship our customer orders out, so although we are not giving our customers the unboxing experience we talk about so often, we understand that is another way we are able to help to do our bit.  We estimate that in doing this alone we have saved over 42 tonnes of cardboard from landfill.

We also source from as locally as possible to reduce air emissions and our carbon footprint


What criteria must our suppliers meet?

We carefully source our products from suppliers who have credentials which tick all of our boxes. Our suppliers must be able to prove that their products meet certain criteria for us to supply their packaging materials.

We want to understand if they are:

  FSC Certified themselves
Committed to sustainable futures
Using low energy manufacturing systems
 And we also want to understand the following about the products we supply;
Made from sustainably sourced materials
Made from recycled materials
Vegan friendly
Certified wood
Water-based inks used
 Natural glue

You can find our glossary of terms here  



Want to understand more about our rewilding efforts?

We have been donating to several projects and charities for a number of years and yet we have never mentioned it on our website. We are set to change all of that as we are so proud of our efforts.

We have teamed up with Trees for Life charity who have planted nearly 2 million trees towards their long-term vision to save a habitat of global importance. They are a multi-award winning conservation charity who have worked with thousands of volunteers for over 25 years to rescue the Caledonian Forest and the wildlife that call it home. We are so proud to have partnered with Trees for Life and have pledged to support by planting XXXXXXXXXXX for every sXXXXXXXX

Read more and get planting!